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Privacy Statement

Libya Jobs is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of our users. Our goal is to provide you with a secure online experience and to ensure that any information you submit to us is private and used/disclosed only for the purposes and in the means described below.

As a career site, Libya Jobs will ask job seekers and employers to submit any information relevant to the job/candidate search in order to conduct/optimize the search functionality. All information is submitted exclusively on a voluntary basis. Please find below details of our member privacy practices.


To fully participate in our job and candidate databases or search activities, we require you to register as a Libya Jobs member. Non-registered users are granted partial participation access eg. non-registered job seekers may view positions but not company contact information.

To register, we will ask for contact information (job seekers and employers) and information on your company (employers). Libya Jobs is the sole owner of information collected on the registration pages and we will not disclose this information to anyone outside of Libya Jobs. Your contact information (such as name and email address may however be used to contact you about any features/services on our site which we believe may be of interest. Our goal is to provide our users with a personalized experience every time they log onto Libya Jobs and to that end we may direct you to jobs/articles/forums etc. that we think may assist you in your career/lifestyle activities.

The details collected do not include credit card details of customers. All credit card information will not be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties.


Members have the option of posting their CVs in the Libya Jobs database in either of two ways:

  1. CVs can be input into the database and DEACTIVATED. This means that while your CV is ‘parked’ at Libya Jobs for your access and reference at any point in time, no employers or other members will have access to view or search it through our search functionality.
  2. CVs can be input and the ACTIVE mode may be specified. This would enable any employer members who have paid to register with our service to access your CV. We are not responsible for the privacy of any copies of your CV that are subsequently retained by employer members in their own private files and databases.As an additional privacy function, job seekers have the option to block the name of their current employer from any employer searches. This function is easily available on our CV Builder. Your CV will therefore appear in candidate searches with your latest experience record but without details of your current employer. This is a critical feature as the last person you would like viewing your CV is your current employer.

You may edit/change information on your CV at any point in time. You may also remove your CVs from our databases at any point in time.

Public Profiles

Job seekers have the option to create a Libya Jobs Public Profile based on the information they provide on their Libya Jobs CV and they fully understand that by opting to do so their profile becomes in the public domain and can be accessed by search engines. Job seekers can opt to enable or disable their Public Profile at any time. Job seekers need to bear in mind that once a Public Profile gets activated, search engines and others may obtain permanent copies of it and even if the user disables their profile, Libya Jobs cannot restrict views of the copies of the Public Profile obtained by these search engines and other crawlers.

Job Postings

Employers are asked to submit detailed contact information and information about the position requirements as part of their job posting activity. Information is submitted purely voluntarily. Job details may be viewed by any registered job seeker members. Non-members may view position but do not have access to contact details; they must register first to be able to contact your company. As an additional privacy feature, employers may hide their company name when their jobs are viewed online. Your privacy will thus be assured while job seekers have the option to reply to the posting.

You may change/modify/delete any information you provide at any point in time.

Your Workspace

Registered job seekers and employers have access to a personal workspace from where they can manage/document their job/candidate search history. All information in this space can only be viewed by the registered user(s) and accessed after logging in with your password.

Privacy Commitment Changed

Libya Jobs will continue to commit itself to protecting and maximizing our users’ privacy. We will update you on an ongoing basis on any changes/enhancements in our privacy practices.

Cancellations and Refunds

For cancellations and refunds, please contact one of our sales offices mentioned in the “Contact Us” page. Any cancellation or refund will happen based on Libya Jobs’s sole discretion, and it will be reviewed on case by case basis. In the wake of a refund, it will happen through the original mode of payment only.

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